Participation & Benefit

Who can participate? 

We are honored to invite all Snoqualmie Tribal members and their families to attend this year’s Paddle to Lummi: Honoring Our Way of Life.

Tribal Council is excited to announce the 2019 Canoe Journey Benefit. The benefit will provide up to $500 per adult enrolled Tribal Member to assist in attending and participating in the 2019 Paddle to Lummi. The benefit will be available beginning TBD. Please keep an eye out for mailer from the General Resources Department in TBD with the application and all benefit details.

How can I participate?

Here are some ways…

    • Make items for gifting the hosting tribe & guests of the Journey
    • You can pull in the canoe
    • Provide grounds crew support; preparing meals, set-up & take down of camp
    • Share stories, songs and dances
    • Participate in the Protocol celebration in Lummi by singing & or dancing.
  • Elders are encouraged to be a part of the ‘Final Protocol.’ Chairs are provided for elders so they may be able to be a part of the celebration with the group.