The Canoe Journey “Journey” was formed for the revival of the Canoe Culture of our ancestors, and to educate those of these practices.

It is the largest event held by Native Americans, in the Northwest region and is hosted by different Tribes in the US and Canada.

The Canoe Journey is family oriented and is a drug and alcohol-free event.

All tribes federally recognized or not, are invited to attend this event, as well as those who have their own canoe not associated with a specific tribe. The majority of attendees are Native American, but everyone is invited to attend. Revitalizing canoeing to those who have canoeing ancestry. Participants have come from as far away as Mexico, Japan, & Peru.

Tribes who participate in Tribal Canoe Journey’s often have an organized team or what is called a “Canoe Family”, to organize the group. There are several different roles to fill for the preparation of the Journey.